Re: How to be Sure if a Hard Drive Is Blown

If the bios doesnt detect it, either cabling or bios settings are wrong, or
the mobo controler has failed, if all of these are correct/working then the
HD is faulty

"dannymichel" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I got a new HDD the other day so I did some file moving.
I cloned my OS from one of my 320GB HDDs to the new one then I deleted
all the files from the 320GB and moved about 120GBs from another HDD to
the 320GB HDD that used to have the OS on it. Everything seemed to work
fine for a bit. I turned my PC off for a few hours and decided to make
sure that all the SATA connector's were connected properly and untangle
some wires. I never even moved any of the HDDs. I restarted the comp and
looked in the BIOS and noticed that the 320GB HDD was not detected. I
immediately thought that i'd neglected to connect something or maybe
that a wire was lose, so i turned the PC off and made sure all the wires
were fine. When that didnt work i took the wires from the working HDD
and connected them to the 320GB. that didnt do anything so i connected
it back to the working one and the working one was fine. That eliminated
the idea that it was bad wires. Then just to be sure that there was
deffinately something wrong i connected the 320GB HDD by itself with the
working wires and took a look at the hard drive indicator light on my PC
and noticed it was solid. It just stayed solid. The BIOS was not
detecting it.

My hard drive is blown from excesive activity isnt it? There is nothing
i can do to fix it or at least get it working for a bit so i can remove
my files from it? Is there ANYTHING i can do short of paying hundreds
for data recovery? The frive is still under warranty so I think I can
get another one, but that data is so veru important to me. I really need
some help here.