Re: Possible to detect prohibited graphics hardware acceleration

Hi Ulrich,

You might try posting again in Microsoft.public.development.device.drivers - those folks tend to be more experienced in questions like this.

"UlrichK" <UlrichK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:33432359-BF19-46A6-BA25-CE676A7C62A8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I read in a lot of places that disabling the graphics hardware acceleration
might be forbidden with Windows Vista.
I also have a computer/graphics card like this: the slider/option in
"Troubleshooting" is missing and it says changing this setting is forbidden
by the driver.

My question: How can I detect programmatically that disabling the hardware
acceleration is prohibited?

This is useful for hiding the respective option in our software in this case.

Thank you in advance


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