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Try the following:

1. Right-click on Computer and select Manage.
2. Click once on Disk Management to highlight it.
3. Then from the Computer Management toolbar,
click on Action > Rescan Disks.

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> Did you install a SATA hard drive in the enclosure?

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> > Hi!

> > I have an Asus P5B, Vista 32Bit Home Premium. I have something
> > connected to the eSATA port. When the system boots the BIOS sees it
> > fine. Vista however, will not recognize it.......everything is proper
> > in the BIOS, as the BIOS sees it upon boot.

> > The P5B uses the Jmicros controller. That should be up to date.
> > Additionally, this is hooked to an external enclosure, Xtrastore
> > 3.5".....

> > Any suggestions? I'm totally fed up with trying to resolve this.

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Thanks for replying. Yes, SATA drives are installed. Everything
works fine under USB. Since the BIOS sees it during the POST, it is
not the cable or anything. It must be something with Vista.

Also, there is nothing regarding JMicron in my device
there supposed to be??

Tried that one Carey, no luck there......just really weird. BIOS sees
it but Vista does not. No Jmicron anything in Device Manager. Is
there supposed to be? Is it drivers? Or maybe it just does not work
with this MB, although I've seen others get it to work.........

It should not be a BIOS setting since it displays fine during the

Thanks everyone for your comments thusfar.....

On my P5K installation CD, there are drivers for JMicron.