Re: CF card not accessible

Hard to say, but if there is nothing on it that you need to save, just go into disk manager, and create a partition on it and format the partition FAT32. Then assign a drive letter if it is not already there, and it should appear in Computer as that drive. Now, if it is reported RAW because it has died, none of this will work, and you need to see if you can read it somewhere else. Good luck.

<kent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:mvlhd4p2tlrp2gesv08esnmrhqugnq2mit@xxxxxxxxxx
I have a 6-in-1 internal USB card reader in my PC running Vista Home
Premium SP1. It recognized the CF card the first time (maybe the
first few times) I put a CF card in the reader. Now however it does
not. All the drives show up on the Computer screen but when I double
click on the G drive, it says I need to insert a drive. From the
Control Panel, I go to the Computer Manager/Disk Management screen and
it sees the G drive and it's formated 1.9GB RAW. Any ideas why I
can't get to this device?


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