Re: cd drives don't function

I had a similar problem after installing a skytronics parallel to USB cable and driver disk. They also disappeared from device manager and wouldn't return
Got them back by using system restore to go back to an earlier time.
Using Vista 64SP1 ( for which no Epson 1650 scanner drivers and no HP 1120 printer drivers are to ever be available. - Bah)

"Peter Foldes" <okf22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:eevnXfDGJHA.768@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Also applies to Vista

Worth a shot. Try the following and see if it will reappear in working order;en-us;314060


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Please help me - both my CD rom and CD write stopped working. When I asked
for advice from HP, I received the wrong instructions from someone who was
probably an amateur who instructed me to uninstall both drives in Device
Manager resulting in disappeaance of both my drives from the Device Manager
and I have no idea how to find them so that I can reinstall them and hope
that they will work.

Please help me!!!