chuckbam;843596 Wrote:
jamesr4199;843519 Wrote:
Same Problem tried ATI Web Site they tell me to start taking my computer
apart. Checking memory cooling of my cpu ETC. I think they have a

Jimmi> >

I only have the stop problem on like one in 5 boots. After a boot, if
I am going to have one, it does not take long. I re-boot and then have
very long up-time free of the problem.

On a different computer, I loaded the drivers only. That fixed it.

I think the problem is with the c control center.

For me, installing only the drivers didn't help. So, while it may work
for some people, it is unfortunately not a universal solution.

I am currently testing a new theory. I have heard that people have had
luck disabling Aero. However, I use Aero for the live previews while
alt tabbing, etc. So disabling Aero is not a feasible solution for me.
Instead, I have disabled transparency, which offers no functional
advantage to me. I'll post if I get positive results with this.