Re: Bt Home network 1200 2wire drivers

Does this help:
Corporate Headquarters
2Wire, Inc.
1704 Automation Parkway
San Jose, CA 95131

Phone: +1 408-428-9500
Fax: +1 408-428-9590


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I have spent the past couple of days searching forums yet cant find a
specific reply to my problem, please help.

I have just built myself a new pc, my old pc in the same room was on XP
and connected to the internet using a USB jack supplied by 2wire. It
then connected wirelessly to the hub computer downstairs. This system
has always worked perfectly yet now on that i am on vista i cannot find
suitable drivers ANYWHERE on the internet. Surely in this day and age i
have made a mistake and this is not true. I have come no where near to
getting the hardware installed.

To make matters worse i cant find a support number on the 2wire website
to ring them up and deliver some greif to the ear if these drivers
really do not exsist.

Please help me in my quest or if it is true and 2wire and microsoft are
both as imcompitent as we all originally thought, any suggestion on what
my next step is?


Mark Harris
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