Hard Disk May be Corrupt *not sure*

Hey Guys,

Got a laptop of a freinds here that has quite an interesting problem.
It came vista pre installed and a few days ago it stopped working. I'll
elaborate: It boots up but when it comes to the screen with "microsoft
Corporation" and a loading bar it hangs there, in effect "continually
loading". It never stops, just keeps going. Anyway I first thought that
the OS was in some way at fault so I downloaded a vista Repair disk (The
Laptop was bought with Vista so I dont have an install disk) and tried
to repair it using that. This was a failure. I went through the reapir
disk and it came up with the usuall "Your PC may restart several times,
if its fixed it will boot normally else the disk will run again and
continue" buisness. Now every time I got to a point where it wanted me
to restart I do so but the PC would then boot up and give me the "press
any key to boot CD" This confused me as if the reapair was incomplete
then shouldn't the CD boot automatically. At first I thought maybe it
had fixed the error first time. Sadly not. So I tried again and this
time pressed a key to go back to the CD expecting it to continue,
instead I start from the beggining. Now I figured that if the disk
wasn't going to repair the laptop then at least I could do something
useful with it. So I opened up CMD prompt and ran some checks, they all
seemed to indicate the Hard Disk was fine. But when I restarted the PC
and ran the HP disk Check, which is no doubt part of the BIOS, it came
up with a rather strange error message after 49% of the quick test.

Primary Hard Disk Self Test
49 % Complete .....
Failed - Replace Hard Disk 1 (Warranty ID - error code 10008)
Press (Esc) to Continue

Now that is as far as I've got. My freind says that he knows no reason
why it wont start and that there is no backup disks or the like with the
laptop (frankly I find that hard to believe but I'm working off his
assurances). Any Input on a solution or anything would be apreciated.