Re: Please help with external drive issue

Rob;840960 Wrote:
I have a Maxtor DiamondMax 21 320gb PATA (ultra ATA) hard drive
installed in
an external case that I used on my previous OS - XP Professional. The
case I
had purchased from NewEgg and it worked really well via a USB
connection. No
software was necessary, I simply plugged it in a USB slot and it was
displayed as a Mass Storage Device. I have tried the following with no

1. Loading the latest MaxBlast software provided by Maxtor
2. Changing the jumper from Cable Select to Master and back

I am currently using Windows Vista Home Premium 64 with SP1 ...

Thank you most kindly in advance, Rob.

If you go into the Control Panel -> System & Maint -> Device Manager
... Does it show up in there when plugged in? If not, are there any
unknown devices? (yellow exclamation mark in front of device)