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How old is the drive? Some WD drives have 3 years or longer warrantees?

Warranties aren't made to cover the ass of a stupid mechanic.

Thanks lol for your support.

I was up all day and all night and it was 4 AM when
I tried that little RAM trick. So consider the circumstances lol.


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Well I certainly appreciate that all of you.

The motherboard is working fine...but the drive is not spinning
from what I can tell.

It is not being detected by the OS at all.

The hard drive is not working in other computers either.

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Actually chances are that by putting in the ram while the computer was
running you either fried the ram or the motherboard, it's not very
likely that you fried the hard drive.
Regarding the Western Digital hard drive- does the hard drive spin up
at all when you connect it? If it spins its much more likely that the
problem is the board on not the motor. When looking to replace a PCB
look for the exact same complete model number (for example
wd800jd-75msa3 and not just any wd800jd). In my experience it's also
best to try to find a PCB from a drive with the closest possible date to
the problematic drive. It's also extremly important to get rid of any
static on your hands before working on the PCB or the drive itself, so
try to touch a metallic object (computer etc.) before working on the


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