Re: Need help with ATT USB 881 Sierra Wireless

Does that mean they don't have a Vista driver? If not, it's time to buy another device that does. It may be possible to use the XP drivers, if they have them, but usually that does not work or work well.

When it is plugged in, check device manager for any devices that have a yellow triangle next to them. Check the properties of that device. If it is you wireless device, uninstall the driver, unplug the device, and reboot the machine. Then plug in the device and Vista should see it and reinstall the drivers - IF it has drivers for it.

Good luck.

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When I plug in the Wireless USB device into the USB port, Everything locks up. Works great with XP. ATT&T has no answer. Any help would be appreciated. This is on a NEW HP Desktop computer. Everything else works fineThanks:

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