RE: Driver needed for Minolta Dimage Scan Dual 3

The two drives required for this scanner are usbscan.sys and ksthunk.sys.
Both drivers are from Microsoft and are located in the
"C:/windows/system32/drivers/" directory.

"tombster" wrote:

I have this 35mm film/slide scanner that attaches with a USB cable that
works under XP but not Vista (64).

Vista can't find the driver even when I point to to it in the
Windows/system32/driver folder (usbscan.sys).

Is there something else I can use.

Vista reports an error when it tries to find the driver but the fix (64-bit
KB940199) suggested by "Problem Reports and Solutions" runs but gives a
message that the fix is not needed and aborts the install.

This film scanner is not that old and should run in 32bit mode if a driver
can be found.

Any help would be appreciated.

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