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WD is telling that even the PCB's on two HD's right next
to each other are not the same PCB's no uniformity.

Can I even believe this stuff? lol

I would like to replace the PCB and motor if I can.

Thanks all,


Yep, they are right. There can be configuration changes in PCBs on hard drives at any time. The model numbers or part numbers on the drives may give you a clue to the PCBs interchangeability but it isn't guaranteed. I have had two WD drives, same amount of space but two different looking PCBs as they were made 6 months apart. Same thing with Samsung and Seagate over the years.

Well I appreciate that.
Is there any way I could get the PCB replaced
and repair the drive?



There are data recovery services that can do the job but they are expensive. While it doesn't take a lot of skill to pull the PCB and replace it the motor may be a different issue as IIRC the drive would have to be opened. I haven't opened one in years but back in the day of the old MFM & RLL drives the motor was directly attached to the spindle that the platters were applied to. To get the motor out the heads and then the platters had to be removed.

Now, since I have answered you questions to the best of my ability, please answer this for me: Why do you think the PCB or motor has failed on a drive? There are faults that can happen to a drive where spinning up the platters with a new motor would trash the platters in the drive.

Hopefully you have a backup of any data needed from the drive. If not when, and if, the data is recovered, hopefully you will institute a proper data backup system.

Remember, it is NOT if a drive will fail, but when!

Actually LV I was hoping to backup my data
on the new 500 GB HD I just bought.

But last week I was up all night and stressed out and
at like 4 AM I tried to install a RAM DIMM
while my computer was on and it crashed and fried
the drive.

The data was documents, emails, pictures,
and bookmarks for this book I am writing
mainly the bookmarks were and a few
of the documents.

No one can get it working now. lol


If the drive had a sudden loss of power it is more likely that it has had a head crash than anything else. You won't be able to fix that.

David Vair