Access to vista component devices of playback devices like microphone, linein, front mic etc in vc++

I want to access the playback devices->Speakers->properties->levels
tab -> (microphone, front mic, linein etc)

I want to access these and change their respective volume levels

I have enumerated the rendering devices and I get the number of
playback devices, but I want to access the cub components of the
selceted playback device.

I have accessed the property store but i could only get the name of
playback device. I could not move further.
I also tried IPart and IPartlist but i got again the incoming and
outgoing devices.
I tried IAudioRenderClient but could not meet success.

I would like to know which functions and API's I need to use and in
which order thay need to be used, so that there volume could be
changed through vc++ code