Re: Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000 Cradle Problems


That was what I thought was the problem with my mouse. So I rotated it
in the battery slot, I tried removing it and rubbing the terminals, I
tried replacing it with a different battery to no avail. In the end I
just re-connected the wireless connection by resetting the wireless
bluetooth connection using the wizard.

The problem has now disappered.

Curious;3982105 Wrote:
The problem with the red light appears to be due to a unchangeable
or to the battery not making a good connection within the mouse itself
therefore will not charge. One user has reported that just rolling
battery in the mouse around that it apparently made a better connection
the red light went away.
"dfoster" <dfoster.3fy6rc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have recently had this probelm after my son start playing with my
mouse. I tried replacing the battery but that resulted in the same
problem of the red light flashing after a minute or so.

I checked the drivers on the keyboard the charger and the mouse and
they were not changed. So I decided to re-connect my mouse and
This seems to have stopped the problem where the mouse would charge
a minute or so and then start to blink red.


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