Re: please help~which notebook should i choose?

"lamsingsing" <lam.singsing@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I wonder which notebook i should choose...
Q40P is way lighter but performance-wise it is obviously slower than Q210
i want my notebook to be light
i am currently using LG R400H running C2D T5300, 2Gb 667MHz Ram and it is
everytime i take my notebook out, it would be like killing me,
because I live in HongKong, I needa walk a lot...(most ppl in HongKong
carrying a heavy notebook on the street all day long is not very wise...
but i as well dun want to have a computer which is too slow...
what's the point buying a computer which can't do things after all...

So, could any1 please kindly help sugest which to buy?
Thx a lot

1. Samsung Q40P
core solo U1500 (1.33GHz)
1Gb 666MHz (2X 512Mb)
80Gb 1.8"HDD (4200rpm)
supermulti dual layer
10/100/100 LAN,
802.11a/b/g wireless
12.1" WXVA
onboard graphics
(the price i can get: ~US$883)

2. Samsung Q210
core solo P7359 (2.1GHz)
1Gb 800MHz (1X 1GB)
120Gb SATA
supermulti dual layer
10/100/100 LAN,
802.11b/g wireless
12.1" WXVA
onboard graphics
1.3M webcam
(the price i can get: ~US$793)

Lets see, # 2, larger hard drive, faster processor, faster RAM, webcam, HDMI
possibilities all for .75 KG (1.65 lbs) more weight and cheaper too. Sounds
like a no brainer to me. I would go for more RAM if possible if you are
planning on running Vista. Probably enough for most applications with XP
operating system.

This system is apparently not available in the US and I can't read Korean or
Chinese to get the other specs on the laptops in question. The only thing
Samsung sells in the US is one type of tablet PC with different processors
and features.