vista x64 will not boot from hard drive, restore, or from dvd driv

I had a problem with my dvd-r/rw (tsst ts t633a dvd-r/rw) not being ID'ed in
device manager. I used the troubeshooting procedure for the HP Touch smart IQ
506 I
have and tried to do a system restore, The first restore completed but did
not solve
the drive problem. I went back further in the restore and the system will
not boot.
It's now stuck at the black screen, with the green load bars running, as if
it were loading, no harddisk activity light. The dvd drive does not ID
recovery dvd. The
restore/ recovery (F11) does not respond. When I get to the recovery screen
it will
not respond to any command, safe mode repair, normal load....etc. I have
gotten a

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