Re: Must hold keys down to type

Check out the "Ease of Access Center" in control panel for any unusual settings.

"Bonzo" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:4a95102efe106a2586e5a8d668f03d75@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My wife was working on a PowerPoint presentation when suddenly she
couldn't type anything on her HP wireless keyboard. We disconnected,
rebooted, and tried both the wireless and the regular HP Pavilion laptop
keyboard with the same results. I uninstalled keyboard drivers several
times, rebooted - nothing. I set to factory defaults - nothing. Today, I
discovered that I can type if I hold each key down for two "clicks".
This applies to all keys including function keys . I tried to search the
registry for something that would set this, but there is too much to go
through. Anyone have any ideas on why I should suddenly have to press
and hold each key before it accepts the input?

I also tried the keyboard setting for keyboard repeat rate and repeat
speed (which is how I found that holding down the key would eventually
input the character).