About Vista Format

I found a Microsoft help and support site that states Vista format
command writes zeros with a full format.
'Change in the behavior of the format command in Windows Vista'

Is a full format ran by default when quick format is not checked?
Also is formatting the drive from right clicking on the drive and from
computer management the same thing?
Is the command prompt "format X:" a full format, and if it is a full
format would that be the exact same thing as formatting via Vista (not
cmd) and "format X: /p:passes" (in cmd).
I used this site for Vista Format commands, 'Vista's FORMAT Command |
ITsVISTA' (http://itsvista.com/2007/03/format/)

I am just trying to find an alternate way to "wipe" the drive without
downloading programs or using a boot method. Besides WDC data tools
Windows doesn't work with x64 at the moment.


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