How to make calibration color profile stick in '2nd identity'?

Vista 64bit | Samsung 205BW calibrated Displays | Spyder2 / Colorvision updated for Vista 64bit | Two Identities

I have two identities on my Vista PC. The main identity is for general activity and the second is for business use. I calibrated my dislays in my main identity and the calibration works fine, and looks great. However, when I log on to my second identity the Colorvision dialog comes up and asks me to use the Colorvision ‘Profile Chooser' to pick the calibration profile I want to use. A Profile Chooser upgrade that runs does not seem to be available with the Colorvision upgrade for Vista 64bit, and the old version won't run.

Is there a way to make the calibrated profile which works fine in my main identity stick in my second identity?

Thank you for your help - IM