Iphone 3G crashing on pc

Hi everybody...I just would like to share something with all of yours...

If anyone of yours is attempting to install the Iphone 3G on your
Windows Vista PC, make sure to uninstall all webcam controllers that you
might have installed. It looks like this new iPhone is clashing against
webcam controllers. I have no idea why this happens, but believe me:
when I first purchased my iPhone 3G two days ago, I felt a lot of
frustration when I realized that just after plugging it into an USB
port, the PC asked me to download the very latest version of iTunes
which I certainly did; and then, the whole PC started to blink and
behaving just like if it was one of those lamps of a disco-ligthning
system. After after a few trial and error attempts, it just stopped
doing it after I uninstalled my MS LifeCam. I asked a friend about it
and he told me that he experienced exactly the same with his Logitech
webcam installed. So I fully recommend to whoever wants to install a
brand new iPhone to do this and save precious time and effort.

Regards to all from MEXICO....