Re: Vista x64 will not boot with 4GB of RAM

Just because the bios (viewed under a no load condition) states the RAM is usable does NOT mean that the RAM will function when under pressing loads. By raising the voltage on my RAM it became stable and has been such for three years now.


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Richard Urban;834117 Wrote:
Detected RAM is not necessarily usable RAM. Anyone who is over clocking
their computer will attest to this fact.

And, ASUS motherboards seem to have problems with certain RAM

I had to up the voltages on my modules to get it to run stable.

Try what others have said re: bios adjustments - in small steps please.


Richard Urban
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> >
> > Paul Shapiro;833498 Wrote:> > > > >
> > >> Some motherboard/ram combinations require either higher ram > > >> voltage
> > or
> > >> lower
> > >> ram speed when running 4 ram modules. Try some adjustments in the
> > bios
> > >> and
> > >> see if it helps. You can check the ram ratings for its max > > >> specified
> > >> voltage. If it's higher speed ram, it might well support higher > > >> than
> > >> the
> > >> default voltage.
> > >>
> > >> "scmiles" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > >> news:cddbc1af3820e1779cfce63c2eb4ad35@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > >> > > >> > > >
> > If this were the case the BIOS would not report 4096MB usable.
> Only
> > Vista is complaining not the mobo.
> >
> >
> > --
> > scmiles > >
I will try this tonight, but also let me clarify my post, because I
certianly understand the difference between installed and usaeable

There are two fields in the BIOS under system information, installed
memory and usable memory, after I enable the memory hole switch and
reboot and go directly back into the BIOS, the usable field changes from
2560MB to 4096MB.

The installed memory has always reported 4096MB

Vista boots successfully only when the usable field in the BIOS reports
2560MB, whenever it is reporting 4096MB it gets to the loading screen
and scrolls along for about 90 seconds the just reboots.

UPDATE: I have also tried disabling SLI mode, and booting into
safemode, and re-installing the nForce4 SLI 16 AMD chipset drivers with
no change in this behavior.



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