Re: Vista randomly reboots stating a problem with the ethernet adapter

Vladimir wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have a little issue with my system. Sometimes Vista shows bsod, then
reboots and I get a message that it is because of my ethernet adapter.
However, the adapter works fine, the error happens randomly. At least I do
not see a reason why this happens.
My system is up to date, has the newest drivers, I have followed the
possible solutions for the problem that Vista has offered with no luck so
In the event viewer I have found this :Fault bucket 0xD1_Rtlh86+29cc, type
0 All input is welcome, has anyone seen tis before?

Random issues like that are usually caused by failing hardware. If you have
a desktop, try uninstalling the adapter and swapping it out for a
known-working one. NICs are cheap, so this is an easy troubleshooting step.
If you have a laptop, contact the laptop mftr.'s tech support.

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