Re: can't format my external hard drive

Connect the old drive up directly to a M/B port (IDE/SATA) on your new computer. Can you work with it from there? If not, the drive is likely bad.


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I looked at some of the other posts and didn't find any solution for my
current problem, so here it is:
My XP computer has recently decided to give up (i think the motherboard
is bad), so I bought a new HP desktop that comes with Vista. I pulled
out my old XP hard drive (which is partitioned into 2 virtual drives)
and want to use it as an external disk. I used an external usb enclosure
and pulled all my data off the drive (note the disk is working properly,
no issues). By using the Vista Disk Management tool I was able to remove
all the volumes and delete all the partitions (I was trying to merge it
back into 1 disk). Now I have 1 memory chuck labeled as primary drive.
When I try to format that drive I get an error saying something along
the line of formatting was not completely or not successful.
Has anyone had this issue before? I have a Hitachi drive, but as I've
mentioned it was working with Vista before I decided to unpartition and
delete all the volumes. It does show up as a drive in my computer but
since it is not formatted successfully I can't use it. I tried to do the
quick format as well as the full format.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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