Re: Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 problem

I uninstalled it, and after I restarted my computer it installed it again,
and the same thing happens, and I can't connect my mouse..
What is the next step?

"Tom" wrote:

It's a laptop, so I have the touchpad working. When I go to hardware, I can
see both mice, (also the microsoft bluetooth mouse) and they both said to be
'working properly'. Should I uninstall it?

"Curious" wrote:

I have to admit I am pretty much out of ideas.
Do you have another mouse on the system? If yes does it work without
If yes do both mice show up in Control Panel/Mouse/Hardware?
"Tom" <Tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I followed the instructions on the Microsoft article, so I already did all
the thing you said. It can't find it when it search for it after the
even when the light blinks red-green, and this model doesn't even have a
cradle.. And I don't even get to the part when it ask me if I want it to
secured or not (If I want to use a passkey..)
What should I do now?

"Curious" wrote:

If you go to the Bluetooth icon in control panel and then push the reset
button on the mouse and then tell control panel to search for the mouse
it find it? Is the mouse turned on when you do this? If it finds it do
then tell it not to use any security ( I forget the term that is used)?
When you are charging the mouse in the cradle does a red or green light
"Tom" <Tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Everything is fine in the device manager (no exclamation marks), and I
downloaded the latest driver for my bluetooth from the HP website,
suits specifically my model (HP pavilion dv9750ej).
What else can I do?...

"Curious" wrote:

Have you checked with your notebook vendor to see it they have an
driver for their Bluetooth receiver?
Does the Bluetooth receiver show as working normally in device
"Tom" <Tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I bought the Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 one month ago and
using this article:

Everything was fine for a month, until yesterday, when I simply
move the mouse. I replaced the batteries but it didn't work. I tried
the mouse again, but Vista can't seem to recognize it. I gave the
friend, and his computer was able to locate the mouse and use it, so
a problem with the mouse. I followed again the article, to make sure
bluetooth device is on, and everything is correctly configured.

How do I fix this?


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