Re: Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 problem

Have you checked with your notebook vendor to see it they have an updated driver for their Bluetooth receiver?
Does the Bluetooth receiver show as working normally in device manager?
"Tom" <Tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:133842AA-173C-4ED3-B11B-7B52A02A62EC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I bought the Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 one month ago and installed it
using this article:

Everything was fine for a month, until yesterday, when I simply couldn't
move the mouse. I replaced the batteries but it didn't work. I tried to add
the mouse again, but Vista can't seem to recognize it. I gave the mouse to my
friend, and his computer was able to locate the mouse and use it, so it's not
a problem with the mouse. I followed again the article, to make sure the
bluetooth device is on, and everything is correctly configured.

How do I fix this?