Re: Media Center does not recognize 2nd TV Tuner

you need to set up with either 2 DCTs or two 650 Pro analogs. you
can't mix and match DCTs and other cable TV sources.

On Sun, 7 Sep 2008 18:00:32 +0100, dkinnett
<dkinnett.3fdoc2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a Velocity Micro system running Windows Vista Ultimate. I have 4
TV tuners installed. Two of them are ATI DCT (Digital Cable Tuners) that
accomodate cable cards, and the other two are ATI 650 Pro tuners (which
are analog). I ran Media Center set up. The first DCT was recognized and
works correctly. I have tried a million different things and I cannot
get Media Center to recognize the 2nd DCT, or even the two analog
tuners. The error message I get is as follows:
1 tuner detected and configured. Additional tuners were detected but
will not be configured because either they do not have a matching TV
signal or any TV signal at all.
All the tuners have working Cox Cable signals attached to them. All the
tuners are recognized in the device manager and are stated to be working
properly. All the tuners have updated firmware and drivers. The Norton
software was taken off the system to eliminate a firewall issue.

Barb Bowman