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If you did a fresh, clean install and are still getting blue screens, then the problem is hardware, not software. A component has failed, and it's not going to get better by reinstalling the operating system. You need to bring it to a technician. If it's still under warranty, then contact e-machines about this. Otherwise find a reputable local shop, not the geek squad or local big-box store equivalent, but a real technician.

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HI, i had 6 bluescreens and i dont know why that occurs because it appears
too fast that i cant look what the bluescreen is about and i contacted my
computer manufacture and they only tell me to reinstall windows vista and i
have done that 2 times, what else can i do?..........can someone help me
please?,,,,,,i have an emachines w5233 computer with pentium D processor of
3.00 GHZ and 1GB of RAM