Re: Epso EPL-5800L not print with Vista

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Please help, I have Epson EPL-5800L laser printer. It work find with
Windows XP but stopped printing now with Vista home.

Vista has drivers for the EPL 5800 for PCL and also PS3 printing but not the L version. I don't know what the difference between the two are but you may try that driver. There is also an EPL 6100L driver that might work. Keep experimenting as this older laser printer will probably never have a specific Vista driver created for it.

Depending on how you are attempting to connect the printer to the computer (Parallel or USB to Parallel cable) the setup is different. For Parallel cable, click Add printer and then select LPT1, then Epson in the dropdown and then the printer driver you want to try. You will probably receive a message about incorrect driver but allow it to install anyway. Test it. Works, you are probably done. Doesn't work, uninstall the printer and repeat with a different driver.

Good luck.