Re: Memory problems

What is the exact error message, system memory and hard drive space are 2 different things, you may be looking in the wrong place to fix your problem.


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"Neobreaker" <guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:fd067aaa45b66387ff00767b6ba4cb69@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lately ive been having these messages about my memory being low so i
should close some programs or not enough memory to do certain things, so
i uninstalled about 3 games big ones too and it still is showing the
same old messages my memory is decreasing instead of increasing ive
basically stripped my computer of all the things ive downloaded that
might take up memory and when i go to "My Computer" it says i have 12 GB
free of 72 GB of memory and it goes anywhere from 10-20 but it keeps
decreasing i fear soon my computer wont work at all.

ive ran defrag programs and they said my computer was heavily
fragmented so i defraged it and now it isnt fragmented but the memory is
still the same,

does anyone know what i should do or any free programs that could fix