Re: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530B ATA Stopped Working!

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I have a new laptop with the DVD RW i wrote at the title, and i have a
Vista Home Premium x64 on it.. I installed the drivers one by one, none
of them had a problem at first..

But right after i installed Java, my bluetooth mouse (Logitech) stopped
moving, but it was getting my clicks :S When i tried to reinstall its
drivers, i recognised that i cant open the CD-ROM to change the CD..
After shutting down the computer, i opened it with the pin needle place
and took the previous CD out.. But now, it doesnt recognise when i put a
CD in (It says that I should put a CD in), it doesnt take it out when i
push the button, and If i click on "Extract" from My Computer, it gives
an error saying that another program is using this device and I cant
take it out..

Please help me, I dont want to use this computer like that.. :)

Since you say this is a new laptop, you really need to contact the manufacturer service group. There are some things you can do, that sometimes work, and if they don't it really needs to go back.

Before you do, check for running processes - mostly media players that may be keeping it open. Stop any process that has anything to do with the player, and see if it will recognize disks. You can uninstall the driver, and reboot allowing Windows to find the device and intsall the driver again. There are a couple of registry entries you can delete - see the MS KB article on this. But much of the time none of this works, and it has to go back. Infant mortality is common in electronics. If it is going to fail, it will mostly be in the first ninty days or the last nine years. Good luck.

P.S. It doesnt seem to have a problem with the drivers.. !?