Re: Flash Drive Problem

Here is the answer I received fron Buffalo, the manufacturer of the device.

There is not a way to remove the CD-Rom drive partition. CD Partition
is hard
coded into the device.

Thank you,

Buffalo Technical Support

George W. Barrowcliff wrote:
I bought a 2 gb Minnie Mouse Flash Drive.

When I plug it in to the usb port two drives are shown as mounted.

A 1 Gb drive is shown as "CD Drive (G:)Minnie" and the second 1 Gb is shown as a normal "Removable Disk (F:)" and operates as I would expect.

The Minnie volume has two files, one an autorun.inf and the other is Minnie.exe, a 1 mb flash file that displays a screen full of Minnie mouse spreading hearts around. When the drive in inserted the Minnie flash file runs and is always distracting.

1.) How can I delete the CD configuration from the drive and return the space to the thumb drive? I would reformat the whole device is possible.