Re: Vista Ultimate 64-bit 8GB on ASUS 3A32-MVP Deluxe

It's a good link. I usually snip all but the 32bit stuff. Frankly I'll be glad to see the issue die of old age someday when all new computers come with 64bit Windows. Most users just don't have the computer background to sort it out.

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Everything you say is true. I posted the link since their was some information in it that applied to the subject of this thread and which might be of benefit to MrKit. I certainly was not trying to imply that the link's content would solve the Op's problem.
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Yes, it points out that x64 is required to access all of 4GB of ram. That is the workaround.

But the issue involving not seeing all of 4GB does not bear on x64. It is a problem peculiar to the 32bit clients. The KB is complex. It first addresses a Windows 32bit issue only, the effect of the BIOS reserving memory for devices. You'll notice through the whole first half that all the references are specifically 32bit Windows.

The subject changes midway, beginning with the Workaround. At that point it discusses the requirements for x64 to see 4GB with 4GB installed. Most 64bit computers meet these requirements now. I did have one AMD64 x2 box that needed the BIOS memory remapping option turned off or I would only see 3.5GB. But the Workaround does not help the 32bit Windows user. Notice that the last bullet in the Workaround states a 64bit edition of Windows is required.

Then comes the whole business about PAE which is pretty irrelevant to how much memory can be accessed by the OS. It is relevant to program space, but by this time the KB has suffered severe mission creep and the PAE part should have been merely a link to the same info elsewhere.

PAE gets some techies excited but PAE can never be fully implemented in a Windows client now. Its use for extending memory addressing also requires a carefully controlled computing environement. All hardware and software must be PAE aware. The use of non-PAE compliant software would bring a system to its knees. That's why you only see support written into server editions of Windows. When was the last time you checked Ad-Aware to see if it was PAE compatible? :)

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If you read the entire article you will find lots of discussion about requiring 64 bit Vista in some situations and at lease one reference to 64 bit Vista with 8GB installed.
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Curious, that is specific to 32bit Vista. The OP's issue is an unstable computer running 64bit Windows on 8GB.

The integrated memory controller in the phenom quad he is using may not be able to handle the configuration. I have read that there are issues like that with some phenoms. However, the OP insists it must be Vista because the mobo maker couldn't have gotten it wrong.

Oh well.

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Maybe the information in the following link will help:


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