RE: Snipping Tool

The exact same thing happened to me. The Snipping Tool worked fine for a
while, then one day I went to use it only to discover the program had
completely disappeared from my system. The only thing I can figure is that
Vista SP-1 somehow removed it. I know I didn't. It would be nice if Microsoft
would explain this and provide a fix.

"Stuart Sabatini" wrote:

I have a new PC running Vista Home Premium. I tried the snipping tool soon
after I received the computer three weeks ago. It appeared to work fine at
that time. I just tried to use it again but could not find the shortcut. It
had been in the start menu under accessories but it was no longer there.

Using the Search facilities I found the program file "Snipping Tool.exe" on
my hard drive. I created a new shortcut but the program will not start,
nothing happens. I also tried double clicking on the "Snipping Tool.exe"
file. Again nothing happens. Any ideas anyone?

Stuart Sabatini