Re: Need help diagnosing laptop hanging

Bob F wrote:
Bob F wrote:

I've run Memtest86+ and Seagate floppy based disk test without
errors. The full scan of the 250GB drive took about 2 full days to
complete, which seems really long to me, but it showed no errors.

This happened occasionally months ago and I thought I had it gone
after updateing windows, but is now occuring to the point that the
computer is pretty useless.

If anyone can suggest ideas for tracking this down, or sites than can
help with this process, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Windows Syatem page shows:
HP G60 Notebook
AMD Turion RM-70 2GZ
3GB Ram
Vista 32 bitlly
flash. The mouse still moves, but you cannot start or close windo

Windows Update says it is up-to-date.

Speedfan typically shows:
Temp1 39
Temp2 39
Core 43

I may have made some progress. Checking the Device Manager, I saw yellow
warnings by the 6to4 and Microsoft TUN miniport adapter #2. I followed John
Will's suggestion on The
computer has been running for 15 hours so far without problem. Surprising, but I
hope it holds.

Does this fix make any sense?

Good of you to let us know, Bob, thank you.
It certainly makes sense, especially when it's working.