Big Bertha Thing honourable

Big Bertha Thing honourable

6th February 2009
Douglas Carswell MP
House of Commons

Dear Mr. Carswell,
Further to your letter of 29th January 2009, regarding my lost Tribunal Appeal for the
reinstatement of my Incapacity Benefit.

The DWP offers two appeals procedures, which have suddenly appeared out of thin air,
at your instigation. The original judgement of the Tribunal included two other appeals
procedures. The one was on grounds of procedure and would be to the Clerk of Tribunals.
The other was on grounds of point of law and would entail my using a solicitor. The reason
for the judgement would be required in both cases and must be requested with one month
of the judgement.

There is a fifth appeals procedure which they do not mention. I have a statutory right of
appeal to Boris Johnson as Mayor of Greater London, with powers to appoint half the
members of the London Pension Fund Authority.

I won my appeal for early retirement on compasionate grounds, to the London Pension Fund
Authority. The medical grounds were the same as my incapacity Benfit illness. The decision
was handed down on behalf of John Prescott as Secretary of State for the DETR. In it he
gave me the right to an independant medical review, by a doctor with a workplace medicine
qualification. (DWP doctors are trained, but do not have such a qualification.)

Strange to say, nine years later I am still waiting for my medical review. DETR said I had
a right to further appeal to the Pensions Ombudsman, who has no powers to enforce his
judgements on statutory bodies. My further request to his successor Ken Livingstone, to
enforce his decision went unanswered.

The plot thickens, in that three of the documents to the DETR were included in the DWP
case and were held not to be evidence in either case by the chair of the tribunal.
One was even a notorized version complete with a big red seal, in case they denied copies.

Please find enclosed the three copies of said documents, including the notorized one.
Thanking you in anticipation of your kind attention to this matter and all your help.
Your sincerely
Tony Lance

DETR Ministerial decision dated 12th May 2000. (Notarised) DWP/DETR
Application description of illness dated 25th October 1999. DWP/DETR
Benefit description of internet activities dated 29th April 1999. DWP/DETR