Re: Error 1402


IF when attempting to uninstall you get something like :
- "...UNKNOWN\Installer\Products\B0B35DEDC76B4424EAA66DDFC3821DFE\SourceList - error 1402"
AND when attempting to over install you get something like :
- "This installation is forbidden by system policy. Contact your System Administrator"
THEN this error is due to some registry keys acces issue and this is what should work :

1- click "START".. click "RUN".. type "regedit".. hit "OK"
2- in registry editor hit "EDIT" then "FIND".. or just press "Ctrl+F" on keyboard
3- copy and pase this in the feald : B0B35DEDC76B4424EAA66DDFC3821DFE
4- Click "find" then "Fin next".. or F3 on keyboard until you find an entry in left side
(that looks like an expendable folder) with "B0B35DEDC76B4424EAA66DDFC3821DFE" as name
then left-click on it.
4- repeat this until you find all entries that displays "Acces denied" when you left-click on it or on its subkeys
5- on every of those (normally 2) you will need to right-click then choose "permissions".. "Advanced".. "Owner"..
6- choose you user name or Administrators or add it
7- click the check box for Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option.. click OK
If you get "Access denied" just ignor it and hit Ok then Ok
8- refresh registry editor by pressing F5 (this is important)
9- come back to "Persmissions" then in Security tab click "ADD"
10- write "System" and hit "OK".. then add "Administrators" and hit "OK"
11- Highlight "Administrators" that you added then check "Total control" then hit "OK"
12- Now you should be able to expand it and see "SourceList".. do the same with it and its subkeys
13- Find the next "B0B35DEDC76B4424EAA66DDFC3821DFE" that left-click on it or on its subkey "SourceList" displays error

when done you should be able to uninstall ad-aware without problem

hope it works

On Sunday, December 30, 2007 1:02 AM davidcelliso wrote:

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

I have uninstalled Ad-Aware 2007, but the program continues to be named in
the uninstall/change a program window. If I attempt to uninstall/repair the
program the following error message appears:
Ad-Aware 2007
Error 1402 Could not open key:
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support

I am the administrator so I am confused by the "sufficient access" aspect of
the message; however, I realize that this may be an Ad-Aware problem and am
pursuing assistance with them as well. I have tried to download and install
the program again, but receive the same message.

I am experiencing a similar problem with another deleted program that
continues to be named. Vista Codec Package is listed, but when selected the
uninstall or change options do not appear.

Neither Ad-Aware (Lavasoft) or the Vista Codec Package are listed in my
Registry Editor. I have looked at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE, but am unable
to find either.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, David

On Sunday, December 30, 2007 2:27 AM uvbogde wrote:

Install/Uninstall Problems
Most install/uninstall problems are due to remnants of older versions and
install/uninstall debris blocking normal install processes. Until you
completely clean your system of any older versions, broken install or
incomplete uninstall debris, you won't be able to install a new version or
program. Vista uninstaller does a very poor job of removing all parts of a
program. Sometimes a proprietary removal tool can help, but even these will
leave blocking files and registry entries on your system.

You can do a manual uninstall with the help of Windows Installer CleanUp
Utility, but the best way to get rid of all remnants of an older program,
failed download and install, or failed uninstall is using Smarty Uninstaller.
This program will scan your system and list all the programs on your
computer, including "broken" parts of programs. It will then run the
program's uninstaller (if present), and then rescan to list any pieces left
on your system. Clicking Cleanup will then remove all traces of your program
and installation of the new or update program can then proceed normally. You
can access Smarty Uninstaller, a number of proprietary removal tools and
instructions for doing a manual uninstall at the tutorial link below.

Take Ownership/Permissions
Even running as Administrator may leave you without permissions to modify
some files or folders, even ones that you have just downloaded and installed.
To access or modify (copy, delete, rename) files or folders you can take
Ownership of (in your Username) and grant yourself Full Control permissions
of the files or folders in question described in the following tutorial.

To avoid having to do this individually for hundreds of files, Take
Ownership of large branch folders like Program Files folder, Users folder, or
Windows folder, and grant yourself Full Control of the folder, all
subfolders, and all files contained in the folder. In the case of Program
Files, you would have full access to all your programs. In the case of Users
folder, you would have full access to your Music, Pictures, Videos,
Documents, etc. In the case of Windows folder you would have full access to
your OS, including Windows Installer. These folders are all major branches of
your C:\ drive that can be accessed by clicking on Computer->C:\. My C drive
is listed as OS(C:).

Windows Explorer Run As Administrator
Another way to gain access to modify files and folders includes going to the
Start button, typing in Windows Explorer, right-clicking on this and
selecting Run As Administrator. You should then have "elevated privileges"
to do whatever you wish to files in Windows Explorer.

Unlocker Program
There is also a program called Unlocker that you can use to gain access to
modify files and folders.

After completely uninstalling a program, sometimes the entry remains in
Programs & Features. This can be removed--details in this tutorial.

"David" wrote:

On Sunday, July 05, 2009 7:24 AM david lapapa wrote:

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