Re: VIsta doesn't start

"Riccardo" <ric.castellani@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:393ffd5a-aaec-45eb-a516-e99da9dcb25b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have problem to start my Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 on Packard
Bell tower machine.
System starts only correctly in SAFE mode; in STANDARD mode I can see
Windows logo (It means o.s. is loading) and next black screen, while
it occorred to see also blue screen.
I used "system repair" of Vista and I tried last correct working
configuration but nothing.

1- I use "Win Vista" install CD, can I overwrite the existing
installation without losting programs, this was possible in XP. I wish
to refresh o.s.
2- Do it exist recovery console for Vista ? If no, can I use the XP's
one ?