Re: why hosts file is reset?

"Voronkov Konstantin" <konstantin.voronkov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:01ac3f73-f9ef-427d-b937-250c36be5ffc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello, I would like to redirect one IP address to a localhost, but
each time something reverts the original content of hosts file.

I open windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts with Notepad under run as
administrator, then make a change in hosts file. All new coonections
are redirecting to localhost (, but suddenly in some time my
hosts file is reverted to the original state.

My system runs Windows Vista x64 bit edition.
What can change my hosts file and how to make a constant change in it?

Best Regards,
Voronkov Konstantin

Maybe you have a security program, like antivirus software, that is
' protecting ' your hosts file.