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Is it possible to remove this dead link manually?

Read Dave-UK's earlier reply. He told you how to do it.

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Not a manual method

Well if you are unwilling or incapable for some reason of
running the simple program I recommended then open
Regedit and do a search using the wording of the context
menu entry as a template. That might throw up some key or
keys that you could delete.
As you haven't named this program it's impossible to be
more specific.

I can of course run the programme.

But I would like to understand how to delete the entry manually in
order to increase my knowldege.

As it happens, I did open Regit and put a string into the search
facility. But amazingly nothing was found. I expected the words used
in the link to be apparent. I will now put in the exact string.

I am at a loss to explain this observation.

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Good news.

I put the exact string into Regedit and found the keys (I think that's
what they are called).

On deleting the entries the deadlink has now vanished.

I assume that these entries were introduced at installation. Hence any
re-installation of the programme would restore the keys.