Re: GodMode + 64-bit Vista = BOOM!

On Oct 3, 1:23 pm, Tom Hall <aria1...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tried something really dumb a week ago. I tried to set up GodMode in
Vista 64-bit and now Explorer won't run. Most (but not all) of the startup
items load when I attempt to use that account, but the desktop is
completely black and the mouse pointer works, but there's nothing for it to
interact with.

I discovered too late that this is something one should not attempt with
Vista 64-bit.

I booted into safe mode and deleted the Godmode folder I had created on my
desktop, but the account continues to be unusable - there's no explorer
listed in Task Manager.

I've reconnected with everything that's important through the Administrator
account, but I would love to be able to recover my user account (which is
also in the administrator group).

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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