Re: Using an XP printer on Vista

From: "Steve Freides" <steve@xxxxxxxx>

| We have a well-working XP network at home, all XP/Pro.

| My son now has a Vista laptop, and we can find our two printers, both
| connected to my workstation, but when it comes time to actually install
| drivers, etc., the installation fails and says it can't communicate with
| the printers.

| Suggestions appreciated. The XP machines run AVG 9 free, Spybot, and
| Spyware Blaster. The Vista machine runs AVG 9.

| Thanks in advance.

| -S-

As an alternative to what was already replied...

You may think about netork Print Servers such as the HP JetDirect series. Then the
printers are connected to the HP JetDirects directly connected to the local area network.
Then both the WinXP and Vista computers (or others) would print to the printers directly
to the IP address of the repective Print Servers.

- No worries about user "priveledges"
- A computer does not have to be up and running to share the printer, only the Print

- Physically connecting the Print Servers to the Ethernet network or via WiFi (there are
WiFi print servers).
- Cost of the added equipment (there are other brands than HP for Print Servers that may
be less expensive but HP is the best).

Multi-AV -


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