Re: How is CHKDSK supposed to finish?

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On my other desktop computer, I installed a Vista update
today, then rebooted. The new start said I needed to
check C: for consistency, so I told it to go ahead.

CHKDSK ran normally at first, getting about 90% of
the way through stage 2 (verifying indexes). Then it
slowed down quite a bit, taking about as long for the
last 10% of stage 2 as the first 90%. Then it sat there
for at least 15 minutes with nothing changing on the

Finally, stage 3 ran. It reached these two lines:

CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 3)...
5542016 security descriptors processed.

Since then, it has just sat there with no further changes
on the screen, for around two hours. Should it have
gone on with the requested reboot? Or at least told the
user to reboot again? Or something else?

Should I now shut it down for another reboot?

Robert Miles
After waiting a few hours with no more changes on
the screen, I decided to reboot, but to the D: drive
instead. This ran CHKDSK also, but with many
more changes to the directory structure (at least 174000
so far, and still continuing. Most of the changes are
to file 9 (if it has a name instead of just a number, it
scrolled off the screen while I wasn't looking). Most
of the changes are in pairs:

Inserting an index entry with id nnnnnn into index xxxx of file 9.
Inserting an index entry with id nnnnnn into index yyyy of file 9.

where nnnnnn is a constantly increasing number and xxxx and
yyyy are probably $SDH and $SIA (scrolling too fast to be

The Vista update installed before this started was probably
KB2286198, with the usual non-specific description of a
security update.

Has anyone else installing this update on a 64-bit version
of Vista seen similar problems?

Restoring from a backup is not much of an option - there
have been NO successful backups completed in the last
4 months, despite many tries.

Robert Miles