Re: Folder Permissions

Hi, sorry it has taken so long to get back, I have been ill.

Thanks for all this info, this is a great help to me.



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I have Ultimate 64.

I have a problem with Windows media Player and need to modify the wmploc.dll file
in the System32 folder but I am told I need permission to do this.

I am the only use and have full rights, how do I set the folder permissions to
allow myself to modify the file.



Log on to an account with administrative privileges.
Right-click the file and select 'Properties'.
Select the Security tab.
Click on the Advanced button.
Select the Owner tab.
Click on Edit.
In the box 'Change owner to: ' select 'administrators'.
OK your way back out accepting any messages.
Now you have to give yourself all permissions.
Select the Security tab again.
Click on Edit, select administrators and select Full Control.
Ok your way back out.
Now you can modify the file.