Re: Window defender not start

I can manage startup programs how can I do it at MS Security

"vista bill" <billsrrempire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:d1cd4aaa-b4db-463e-9fca-5bbb5b62aa08@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
On Jul 24, 8:27 pm, "MXC" <minxi...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tried to "Manager Startup programs" . A massege said: The window defender
is turned off
I tried to turn it on. I got 0x800106ba error
After Installed Microsoft Security Essentials, the window defender could not

when I start the service I get:
The window defender services on local computer started and then stopped.
Some service stop automatically if they are not use in by other service or
Microsoft Security Essentials do not allow me to manage the startup

How could I manage the startup programs.



Perhaps you don't need Windows Defender when you have MS Security



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