Re: Vista's mind of it's own

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I must say that I am surprised not more MVP's are tuning into this.
By the looks of it they all must have migrated to the forums.
My personal opinion: the built-in protection is quite adequate.
And I say it from experience.
If you have not had any problems with malware, why bother?
Don't fix it unless it's broken.
In the end: you are the boss, little, no or lots of experience.
Always use "safe hex" as a general rule.
Best of luck, for good measure,


OK, but, umm, what is 'safe hex?'

It means the pretty much the obvious play on words...
If you practice "safe surf" then the opportunity for infection goes way, way down.

Don't accept/open d/l's from someone you don't and didn't ask that they send you something.
Don't travel to sites/links that you don't know - personally - to be safe.
If you receive a link from someone you know but weren't expecting it or it's out of character - discard it.
If you don't go to "I'll muck up your computer .com" then your computer can't get mucked up.
If you don't open a "some unknown stuff in here" attachment you can't have unknown stuff on your computer.

The take-away is if you exercise your own due diligence - "trust no one AND verify" - your "hex" is safe.
Has it been good for you?