Re: How to fix MBR for Vista

I tried renaming winload.exe, but I saw no error message. Renaming bootmgr did not help to find problem either. I see only black screen.
MBR doesn't seem to be transferring control to boot loader on partition 1. I tired bootrec /fixmbr and also easybcd to fix MBR with no luck.
It is interesting that bootmgr and other files are from 04/09/2009 (perhaps release of SP2?) and my original Vista DVD is from 2/12/2007.
Maybe SP2 updated MBR and bootmgr and the old DVD simply cannot create correct MBR to transfer control. I started examining MBR and partition 1 (my C: drive) starts at offset 1048576 as it should.
Is there a way to debug MBR loading and executing (like when you do kernel debugging on OS)?

"Andy" <1@xxx> wrote in message news:sd7ft5h0u0p7ae812st5hot9eivsdbplb4@xxxxxxxxxx
Delete or rename bootmgr and boot up. If you don't see the boot
manager missing error, then either the boot sector is bad or the MBR
isn't transferring control to the boot sector. If you see the error,
then bootmgr is bad.

On Tue, 27 Apr 2010 03:08:26 -0700, "Robert Janik"
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I'm trying to fix Vista boot sector by "Repair" from original DVD, but
bootsect and bootrec doesn't seem to resolve the problem.

Vista Ultimate x64 SP2 installed on C: drive (partition 1)

1. Backup and delete C:\boot\bcd file
2. diskpart - select partition 1 and make active
3. bootrec /fixmbr
4. bootrec /fixboot
5. bootrec /rebuildbcd

When I start the computer it shows BIOS screen and then black screen with
cursor blinking on the 3rd row.

I also tried bootsect /nt60 C: but this didn't help either.

Is it possible that bootmgr file is corrupted? It is interesting that it's
size is around 330kb, while the one on original Vista DVD has more than
400kb. Is there difference between original Vista and SP2? Is bootmgr on a
system with SP2 compatible with boot sector created by the DVD which has
first version of Vista?

I ran the checkdsk, but no errors were found.
If I select "Repair OS startup" (first option on the DVD) it checks the the
system and says that everything is fine.

I'm able to update boot sector by GRUB boot loader and start Linux, but I
cannot fix boot sector for Vista. Is there another way to fix MBR and boot
sector of the partition?