Cannot install lame mp3 on vista x64


Somebody gave me advice to do:

1. Opening up a command prompt by typing "cmd" in the run box and
pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter (to run as Administrator).
2. Changing directories to sysWOW64 ("cd C:\windows\syswow64")
3. Typing the following (example_path replaced with the actual path to
the extracted files), then hit enter: rundll32.exe
setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 0

I did everything and it was looking that it was installed but still in
my VirtualDub this codec doesn't exist.
Can someone help me to solve this problem? I'm newbe in this subject
and please be patient about my lack of knowledge of some things.
My OS is Vista x64, and I have VirtulDub 1.9.9 x64 and VirtualDub 1.9.7
and on both. I cannot use lame MP3. In virtualdub 1.9.7 I see in audio
compression lame mp3 but when I choose, I've gotten the message:
Error initializing audio stream decompression:
No installed audio codec could be found to decompress the compressed
source audio. :cry: