Re: Location of "Switch User" graphics?

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All the UI related images in Windows ( Vista and 7 )

are stored in %WINDIR%\System32

Main : "Imageres.dll"

Second : "shell32.dll"

With a resource extractor you can view them all.. they contain thousands of
icons,pictures,avis,sounds.. some leftovers from XP and Longhorn Alphas are
also inside.. interesting stuff.

Make a backup before tinkering with such systemfiles. If you edit them and
make an error your Windows will be kaputt.


I assume you can extract without danger? That is... it would be the
modification of such files that would get you in danger?

Assuming you extracted a graphic and modified, how would you re-insert

The button you are looking for is not in imageres.dll.
You can extract resources from exes, dlls etc with free tools,
Here's a couple to play with:

Anolis Resourcer 0.9


The Anolis Resourcer is claimed to work with 64 bit files and it will extract
from 64 bit files but I can't seem to get it to replace items.
(I have been trying to change the Win7 start-up sound in imageres.dll (64 bit).
If you are going to mess about with a system file copy it to your Desktop, that
way you will have permission to edit it. If you want to replace your edited system
file you need to know how to take ownership and rename the original.
You also have to be able to recover from a possibly hosed system!
If you can't boot into a repair environment and handle a command prompt to undo
what you did to trash your system, then don't mess with system files!