Re: Vista Business Upgrade Questions from an XP guy

Vista Business and Enterprise are supported until at least 2015 per Microsofts Lifecycle policy, if Vista gets a SP3 ( which is likely at the time around when 7s SP1 is out ) then 2 years extra.

Stuff developed for 7 will run on Vista too, thanks to Net Framework 3.5 and the platform updates.

Not everybody needs and/or likes Windows7.

Especially the missing features ( Windows Teamwork in Vista = no replacment in 7 ! ) are a no-go for many.

All the hype how good 7 is.. blablah . Windows Vista at Sp2 Patchlevel with some minor tweaks is the same speed as 7.

Vista is much cheaper available now than 7. In germany OEM discs of Vista Ultimate sell roughly around 80Euro whereas 7 Home edition is over 100.

See ebay for used discs, just watch out that the disc is a hologrammed original MS disc and no branded third party disc. and the Key of course. If internet activation is not possible, just call MS hotline, they always arrange it that customer gets activated if the key is genuine.

Don't fall for Win7 hype.

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On Thu, 1 Apr 2010 15:34:55 -0700, "Drew"
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Geez.. can you even buy vista anymore??

Sure. and many other places sell it.

But I wouldn't recommend it today.

"Ken Blake, MVP" <kblake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Thu, 1 Apr 2010 10:50:08 -0400, "WSR" <wsr-203@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> My Win7 Upgrade Advisor report states that my current graphics adapter
>> won't
>> support the Aero user interface.
> So run Windows 7 without Aero. You don't get Aero with Vista either.
> I completely agree with PvdG42. It makes no sense to go to Vista now.
>> "PvdG42" <pvdg42@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:%23N4ppha0KHA.4548@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >
>> > "WSR" <wsr-203@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> > news:#VFXWRZ0KHA.3652@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> >> Is MS selling Vista Business anymore? I go on the Windows Catalog
>> >> website
>> >> and I can't find it being offered.
>> >>
>> >> I have a perfectly functioning Win XP SP3 laptop. I've heard both
>> >> sides
>> >> of the upgrade issue.
>> >>
>> >> 1. Where can I buy Windows Vista Business? I don't want to get it >> >> from
>> >> some unreputable vendor. Will the version I buy contain the latest
>> >> SP's?
>> >> 2. My XP was OEM, does that cause major issues when upgrading to
>> >> Vista?
>> >> 3. I ran the Vista upgrade advisor and it states my laptop will >> >> handle
>> >> Vista if a do a few tasks first. Are the other resources regarding
>> >> upgrading to Vista on the web?
>> >>
>> >> Any thoughts, opinions, experiences are welcome.
>> >>
>> >> Regards,
>> >>
>> >> (B^>)-]=[
>> >>
>> >
>> > I'd suggest you go to Win 7. Why "upgrade" to the past?
>> >
>> >
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